Craving Something Different? America’s Favorite Snacks by State

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Indulging in our favorite snacks is a universal joy, but have you ever wondered which treats reign supreme in each U.S. state? HubScore’s latest survey has unveiled the snack preferences across America, and the results are as diverse as the nation itself. Let’s embark on a flavorful journey to discover the most popular snacks from coast to coast.

Rice Krispies Treats’ Nationwide Takeover (18 States)

In a surprising twist, Rice Krispies Treats emerge as the snack champion in 18 states, creating what HubScore calls the ‘Rice Krispies Belt.’ This crispy delight is not only a favorite but also reflects the evolving snacking landscape, replacing meals for many.

Doritos Dominance (16 States)

Doritos, the bold and crunchy favorite, claims victory in 16 states, from the sunny beaches of Florida to the bustling streets of New York. Its widespread popularity paints a picture of a nation united in the love for these iconic triangular chips.

Cheetos Charm (8 States)

Cheetos, with their cheesy allure, captivate residents in eight states, proving that America has a soft spot for the finger-licking goodness of these iconic snacks. Whether in California or Texas, Cheetos make a mark.

Lay’s Potato Chips’ Coastal Allure (Connecticut and New York)

Connecticut and New York residents break the mold with their affinity for Lay’s Potato Chips. This classic, crispy delight adds a coastal charm to the snack map, proving that regional preferences can surprise us.

Chex Mix Curiosity (Hawaii, Montana, and North Dakota)

Hawaii, Montana, and North Dakota stand out with their preference for Chex Mix. The perfect blend of savory and crunchy, Chex Mix captures the taste buds of residents in these diverse states.

New Jersey’s Quirky Choice – Cheerios

in a quirky twist, New Jersey residents opt for Cheerios as their go-to snack. A departure from the norm, this choice raises questions about the unique snack culture in the Garden State.

Snack Nation Stat – 73% Snack Twice Daily

HubScore’s data reveals a snacking nation, with a whopping 73% of Americans enjoying snacks at least twice daily. Snacking isn’t just a habit; it’s a way of life.

Take It with a Grain of Cheeto Dust

While these snack preferences offer a glimpse into regional tastes, HubScore reminds us to take the data with a grain of Cheeto dust. The most-searched snack may not always reflect the true snacking habits.


From the crispy allure of Rice Krispies Treats to the bold crunch of Doritos and the cheesy charm of Cheetos, America’s snack preferences paint a colorful and diverse picture. Snack on, America, and let the snacking culture continue to evolve, one delicious bite at a time!

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