Unlocking the Secrets to Crispy, Creamy Steak Frie

 Achieving the ideal steak fry texture using Yukon gold potatoes for their dense, creamy interior when cooked properly.

Their thin skins add flavor/texture without being chewy, enhancing the eating experience compared to russetskins.

Steaming potatoes partially cooks them, moving starches to the surface for better crisping when finished cooking.

Tossing fries in cornstarch or baking powder before frying/baking creates an extra crispy exterior.

Salt is a must for seasoning, but herbs/spices like rosemary, garlic, paprika enhance flavor for side dishes.

For main dish fries, bolder seasoning like lemon pepper, Cajun blend, or hot pepper flakes make them stand out.

Following these tips results in the perfect crispy outside, creamy inside steak fry using Yukon golds.