Here’s What You Need to Know to Pick the Perfect Watermelon

Watermelon is summer's star fruit; learn tips to select the ripest, most flavorful melons. 

Inspect thoroughly: Avoid melons with cuts, dents, bruises or soft spots. 

Look for the "ground spot": It should be creamy or buttery yellow, not white/green. 

"Thump" test: Hollow sound indicates ripeness; ringing means underripe; thud signals overripe. 

Heft it: A heavier melon for its size can indicate more juiciness. 

Watch for webbing: More webbing or scars means more pollination and sweetness. 

Wash before cutting: Scrub rind to prevent transferring microbes to flesh. 

Harvest time: 80-90 days for home garden melons, look for dull rind and brown tendrils.