Trailblazing Olympic Champions Reunite at Historic US Classic 

Three Olympic all-around champions, Gabby Douglas, Simone Biles, and Sunisa Lee, compete together for the first time. 

Douglas, 28, aims for a remarkable comeback after a traumatic 2016 Olympics experience. 

Biles returns with upgraded skills, showcasing her eponymous triple-twisting double back on floor. 

Lee, 21, overcomes kidney condition to contend for another Olympic berth after 2021 triumph. 

– The event marks the start of a grueling six-week process to determine the US Olympic team. – 

Making the team remains challenging, even for Olympic champions, amidst fierce American dominance. – 

Podium training offers glimpses of potential, with Douglas nearly missing it due to travel issues. 

The competition highlights the changing landscape, with gymnasts enjoying longer, fuller careers.