Daniel Radcliffe's Hilarious Ring Bearer Duty at Costar's Wedding 

Daniel Radcliffe played an unexpected role as ring bearer at costar Lindsay Mendez's wedding. 

The task was "nerve-wracking" for Radcliffe, who initially wasn't meant to be the ring bearer. 

Mendez thought it'd be funny since Radcliffe plays a ring bearer in their show "Merrily." 

Radcliffe worried about the responsibility and potentially losing the rings in Central Park. 

Despite the nerves, Radcliffe pulled off his ring bearer duties without any mishaps. 

Their costar Jonathan Groff officiated Mendez's wedding, marking his fifth time as an officiant. 

The trio grew extremely close during their time starring in "Merrily We Roll Along." 

Mendez cherished having Radcliffe and Groff, "uncles" to her daughter, be part of her special day.