‘Super Fans’ poked fun at Taylor Swift and Chiefs’ Travis Kelce at Big Slick

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The romance between Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and superstar singer Taylor Swift has captured headlines worldwide. But it seems even fictional Chicagoans have opinions on this high-profile couple. At Saturday night’s Big Slick Party & Show held at the T-Mobile Center, an old “Saturday Night Live” skit featuring Chicago’s iconic “Super Fans” was revamped to include Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

For those unfamiliar with the “Super Fans,” they’re a hilarious bunch of Windy City enthusiasts who believe the Chicago Bears are the greatest sports team in history. Their loyalty to former coach Mike Ditka knows no bounds. Now, they’ve set their sights on Kelce and Swift.

The skit featured Carl Wollarski (played by Robert Smigel) and Bob Swerski (George Wendt), joined by Shawnee Mission East graduate Jason Sudeikis. The banter kicked off with Smigel and Wendt boasting about Chicago’s superiority over Kansas City, even poking fun at crime rates. “I looked it up. KC is riddled with crime, my friend,” Smigel quipped. “That’s what happens when you allow your town to be overrun with Swifties,” Wendt added, referring to Taylor Swift’s devoted fans.

‘Super Fans’ poked fun at Taylor Swift and Chiefs’ Travis Kelce at Big Slick
‘Super Fans’ poked fun at Taylor Swift and Chiefs’ Travis Kelce at Big Slick (image via AOL)

The “Super Fans” didn’t stop there. They playfully suggested that Kelce could ask Taylor Swift to foot the bill for a new stadium. Kelce, however, shut down that idea with a firm “That ain’t happening.” Wendt’s character chimed in, “What’s a few hundred million to Taylor? That’s what floor tickets cost to her concert.”

Sudeikis, channeling the late Chris Farley, asked the question on everyone’s mind: When will wedding bells ring for Kelce and Swift? The crowd erupted in cheers. “Taylor doesn’t need to be working anymore,” Sudeikis quipped, “and again, I know your kicker agrees with me.” This was a playful jab at Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s commencement speech at Benedictine College.

Kelce also shared his experience of the Chiefs’ 26-7 win over the Dolphins in a Wild Card Game at Arrowhead Stadium. “It was real cold,” he said. “The wind chill went down to negative-27.” The “Super Fans” pretended to be unimpressed, claiming it gets colder in Chicago. “Taylor,” Smigel exclaimed, “make me warm!”

Later, Patrick Mahomes joined the show, and the “Super Fans” couldn’t resist poking fun at the Bears for passing on him in the 2017 NFL Draft.

You can watch the hilarious “Super Fans” skit here. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves good-natured ribbing and celebrity banter. As for Kelce and Swift, we’ll keep our eyes peeled for those wedding bells

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