Maya Hawke Juggles “Stranger Things” and New Album “Chaos Angel”

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Maya Hawke, best known for her role as Robin in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” is making waves in the music industry with her latest album, “Chaos Angel.” The talented actress-turned-musician has been writing songs since childhood, and her passion for music has taken center stage alongside her acting career.

Hawke’s journey began at Juilliard, where she attended for a year before leaving in 2017. Her decision to drop out came after she was offered the role of Jo March in the BBC production of “Little Women.” Reflecting on her time at Juilliard, Hawke shared, “It was extremely hard, and so wonderful. There’s so much pressure from the industry to be thin, be attractive, be castable, you know, be on social media — like there’s a whole other world of work that is so separate from what acting actually is. None of those things are present there.”

Her artistic roots run deep, thanks to her parents, actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman. Growing up in an artistic family, Maya engaged in creative conversations with her father, who also directed her in the 2023 movie “Wildcat.” Their collaboration extended beyond the screen, as Ethan Hawke became her art guru, and Maya, his first student.

As an actress, Maya Hawke has become synonymous with certain character traits. Her breakout role as Robin in “Stranger Things” showcased her ability to portray funny, anxious, and dorky characters. Interestingly, she drew from her personal life to voice Anxiety in the movie “Inside Out 2.” “I have this character that I play in my own life when I’m nervous about something that I know I shouldn’t be,” she explained. “And I was like, I’m gonna do that at my audition. And I — hey, I just kind of got into this person that I have inside of me and just let her go. And, um, that’s how I got the part.”

Now, with “Chaos Angel,” Maya Hawke is inviting listeners into her musical world. The album features lush folk melodies and heartfelt lyrics, showcasing her love for storytelling. “All I really want out of a record is permission to make another one,” she says. “I just want people to like it enough.”

As she wraps up filming for the final season of “Stranger Things,” Hawke is gearing up for a tour to promote her album. Music has become “a more equal focus” in her life, and fans can expect an authentic and soulful experience when they listen to “Chaos Angel.”

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