Chris Jericho Says Goodbye to the AEW Rampage Booth

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On May 31st, 2024, during a backstage segment on AEW Rampage, Chris Jericho, the wrestling veteran and current FTW Champion, announced he would be stepping down from his commentary role on the Friday night show.

This news comes as a surprise to many fans, as Jericho had been a mainstay on the Rampage commentary team since the show’s debut in 2021. Jericho, known for his wit and wrestling knowledge, provided entertaining analysis alongside Excalibur and Tony Schiavone.

So why the sudden departure? Jericho himself explained it in the segment. He blamed, or perhaps credited, his recent on-screen rival, Hook, for the change. Hook attacked Jericho on the previous week’s episode of Rampage. Jericho, with a touch of humor, claimed his presence at the commentary desk was simply too valuable to be left vulnerable to such attacks.

Chris Jericho Says Goodbye to the AEW Rampage Booth
Chris Jericho Says Goodbye to the AEW Rampage Booth (image via Sb nation)

But there’s more to the story. Jericho also hinted at a busier in-ring future. He jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly) mentioned plans to secure more screen time on both Dynamite and Collision. “Three, four, or even five segments a week,” Jericho said, clearly enjoying the thought of being back in the spotlight. He finished the segment with a signature Jericho flourish, reminding everyone of his love for television. “You know I love having my face on TV,” he declared.

While Jericho’s reasons may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, his departure from the Rampage booth opens the door for a new voice. Fans have already seen “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard filling Jericho’s spot on commentary in recent weeks. Menard, a member of the Inner Circle alongside Jericho, could be a strong contender for the permanent role. His in-ring experience and familiarity with Jericho’s style could make for a smooth transition.

Jericho’s exit also coincides with his new on-screen persona, “The Learning Tree.” This gimmick sees Jericho mentoring young wrestlers, like his recent acquisitions. Perhaps Jericho feels his time is better spent guiding the next generation of AEW stars rather than calling matches.

Whatever the reason, Chris Jericho’s absence from the Rampage booth marks a shift in AEW commentary. Fans will have to wait and see who fills the void left by the “Y2J.” One thing’s for sure, though: Chris Jericho isn’t going anywhere. Expect to see him on Dynamite and Collision, microphone in hand, and likely with a plan or two up his sleeve.

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